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Waiting List Policy


This policy is intended to inform the requirements and procedures with regard to the waiting list for the P-Wee Early Learning Centre. Our centre's waitlist operates on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, thus to ensure that P-Wee Early Learning Centre has an equitable process for determining the order in which children on the waiting list are offered admission to the centre.


Prior to entering the waiting list, P-Wee Early Learning Centre offers exclusive virtual tours to families who are interested in our programs. (Each virtual tour section will be 15 minutes long).

1. Initial Application Process

The following details are required in order to confirm your virtual tour booking:

  • Full Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

  • Phone Number of Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

  • Child’s Name and Date of Birth

  • Preferred start date

  • Number of days’ care is required

2. Virtual Tour Preparation

  • Cell Phone or Home Phone for the call

  • Data or WiFi access is available for the virtual tour 3D images

3. After the Tour - Waiting List

  • There is a non-returnable $80 waitlist fee to place your child(ren) on the waiting list and be notified when a spot becomes available.  (Please note that the $80 waitlist fee will be applied to the future $120 non-refundable registration fee)

  • If a parent/guardian would like his/her child’s name removed from our waiting list at any time, s(he) must inform P-Wee Early Learning Centre by email.

  • Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) will be contacted by email or phone call (details of which were originally provided) with an offer of admission.

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