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About Us

P-Wee Early Learning Centre is dedicated to providing an imaginative learning program based on the Montessori, Reggio Emilia approaches and encompassing the Holistic Child.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is an educational approach developed by Italian Physician and Educator Maria Montessori in 1906. This method is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, learning through the senses and respect for the child's natural psychological development.


To become a leader in the childcare industry, where our imaginative learning

program empowers children to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

To provide a foundation, that awakens the child's spirit, through meditation,

gratitude and forgiveness.

To promote the development of independence, self-esteem, confidence

and respect.

To facilitate the child's learning journey.

To stimulate the child's interests. 

To empower the child to learn to his/her full potential. 

To build nurturing and trusting relationships in the community.

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